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Are you ready for your German lessons?
Send me a message in the form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Can I join your A1 course or a Chat Club?
Of course! Module 2 of my A1 course starts in August. I am also currently running 2 Mini Groups and one Intermediate Chat Club. Both have spaces left.

Why do I need an assessment?
In the assessment we can get to know each other and ensure you have the right level for the class. The assessment is usually 30min and FREE.

I am a complete beginner. When can I start?
The next complete beginners A1 Mini Group will start in 2024. Email me to get onto the waiting list.

How much is a 1:1 lesson?
You can find the 1:1 Prices here.

Do you have any other questions about my A1 course? Or would you like to book a 1:1 lesson? Maybe you want to sign up for a FREE online assessment? Fill in the form!

I look forward to hearing from you!