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German Chat Clubs

I am now offering NEW tailored conversation classes for level B2 to C1+ called German Chat Clubs.

In these conversation classes you are guaranteed an opportunity to speak, listen, read, and practice a lot. In these classes, you can apply your previous knowledge, tackle bad habits and practice your pronunciation. You will expand your vocabulary in a friendly, interactive learning environment. Soon your confidence will improve and speaking German will come more naturally to you.

The Chat Clubs are all taught by a native German tutor and work also when taken together with another German course.

Why Conversation Lessons?

Over the years many students mentioned not getting enough time to practice their speaking skills. This was in either online or in-person german classes. During traditional group lessons every skill: speaking, reading, writing and listening needs to be covered, hence the time allocated to conversation exercises is often too short. So I decided to change this. During my Chat Clubs you will mainly be doing speaking exercises such as pronunciation training, the use of set phrases and free speaking. This will allow you to apply your previous knowledge and correct mistakes in real-time, which is essential to achieving fluency. When you successfully use your language skills in conversation with me and the other students in the Chat Club, you will find yourself empowered with a newfound confidence.

Check out all Chat Club options below and bring your German to the next level! 🚀

Not sure which level is right for you?

What my students say about me

Katja is a fantastic tutor. She is clearly extremely experienced and thorough in her approach. She was super flexible and responsive, supporting me at ridiculously short notice with my C2 exams. I appreciated her structured way of working and her many practical tips. I would thoroughly recommend her.


Katja is an excellent German tutor. Her classes are well structured and interactive. During the class, we are working on a shared google doc which is sent afterwards by Katja with the notes from every session. She tailors exercises depending on the level of each student and is focus on your success, her classes are particularly clear to understand German grammar. I can only recommend her !


Katja is an excellent German tutor who focuses on my needs and individual questions during every session. She’s very patient and well prepared which creates a structured but also fun learning environment. Can definitely recommend her to everyone who wants to learn German with ease 🙂


Katja is a very professional and talented teacher. She takes account of the individual student’s needs and goals in her approach and works with them to achieve them. She helped me greatly in the preparation for the Goethe C1 examination. The lessons were very focused and productive. I would recommend her without hesitation and would certainly seek her help again myself in my further studies.


Katja is a brilliant tutor. Her lessons are well paced, engaging and tailored to the abilities of her students. I’ve been joining her classes for about 5 months now, I’ve learnt lots and also had fun. Katja is really friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I would highly recommend her.


I started learning German with Katja and am currently B1. I’ve found Katja to be an excellent teacher – among other things, she has been able to adapt the pace of her lessons based on what I had already covered on e.g. Duolingo when I first started, or later on whatever additional learning materials I had been using. Lessons are interesting and engaging; she is patient, but also encourages me to try to push my skills further.


Katja helped me prepare for the Goethe Zertifikat B1 exam. It was a pleasure to study with her because she managed to make each session engaging and interesting, while making sure I was expanding my vocabulary and improving my grammar. She also tailored our face-to face classes to my learning style and preferences. Katja not only provided me with the specific knowledge to pass the exam with flying colours, but also made me feel much more comfortable when speaking and writing in German. Katja is very professional – she prepares each class thoroughly and has an interactive teaching method to make the most efficient use of the time. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who would like to study German.


Katja is an extremely patient, talented teacher who has helped me immensely. I only wish I had teachers like Katja when I was at school! I wanted to improve my German skills so that I could more confidently converse with my native German partner’s parents who speak 0 English. My confidence has grown massively over the last year or so and I am now no longer scared to be left in a room alone with them! I understand the foundations of the grammar and really look forward to my weekly lessons. Katja takes the time to tailor the lessons to not only my level of language skill but also my own personal interests. I would not hesitate to recommend her.


Katja is an amazing tutor and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who would like to learn German. I studied A1 with Katja. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable. The lessons were always well prepared, focused on meeting my goals whilst creating a fun learning environment.


Katja is an excellent tutor who helped both my teenagers achieve top grades in their gcse German. Very happy with her professional service which was tailored to the individual child.


Frequently Asked Question

When do the Chat Clubs start?2024-01-12T12:12:45+00:00

The Chat Clubs are running continuously.

Intermediate Chat Club: every Thursday at 6-7:30pm UK time

Expert Chat Club: Coming soon – EMAIL ME for waiting list

Please EMAIL ME to inquire about spaces and for any other questions

How long is the Chat Club?2024-01-12T12:12:45+00:00

The Chat Club runs continuously, so you can take part it as long as you want. You buy one set of 5 lessons for the price of £250.00. (Check out the discount code)
Each session is 90min. Once you have completed your set of 5 sessions you can buy another one for the same price.

For all levels we have some regular students who always attend, but there are always open spaces.

Please EMAIL ME to inquire about spaces and for any other questions

Do you offer discounts?2024-01-12T12:12:45+00:00

Yes! The Discount code is: CCB22023

You save £61.00 !

It is valid until midnight on Sunday, 17th September ONLY

What happens if I miss a session?2024-01-12T12:12:44+00:00

You will still get the material of the session so you can catch-up by yourself.

What topics are covered during the Chat Clubs?2024-01-12T12:12:44+00:00

We will be covering typical topics for the respective level. There will always be an article and or a video clip, or a listening exercise, a list for vocabulary and set phrases (Redemittel)  The material comes from Deutsche Welle, various course books, newspaper articles, podcasts, fictional books, video clips, …
Here are some examples.

Intermediate Chat Club: Reisen, Feste, Familie, Umwelt, Lernen, Städte, Beruf, Beziehungen, Ernährung

Expert Chat Club: Kunst, Sprache, Wirtschaft, Gesundheit, Politik

In every level we also learn about the format of the oral exam and practice presentations as well as set dialogues.
Please EMAIL ME for any questions about the topics.


Is this a prep course for the Goethe exams?2024-01-12T12:12:44+00:00

Joining a conversation course is very helpful for the oral exam but the Chat Club is not directly a prep class for the exam. However you will practice vocabulary and topics which you need during the respective Goethe exams. You will also learn how to master presentations and practice dialogues during the class. You will also get set phrases, which you can use in the exams. In addition to that you get live corrections from an experienced native tutor.

So it will be very useful as an addition to your exam prep.

I am not sure about my level. What can I do?2024-01-12T12:12:44+00:00

You can Take this online test and you can EMAIL ME to book a free assessment of your level.


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