How can I improve my speaking skills?

In general all skills are interconnected and help with the speaking.
So start off by
Listening to German Podcasts, Radio, Songs
Reading German books and magaziens
Writing German texts

But when it comes to speaking: practice, practice, practice.

Use every opportunity to speak German.
You can even practice speaking German to yourself in the mirror.

It’s always better to say something than nothing at all.

Especially when you make a mistake,
which was corrected by someone else,
chances are you will remember.

What if you don’t live in a German speaking country?

Find German speaking friends
Got to German Meet-ups
Join a German book club


Practice your speaking skills in Chat Clubs!

– Expand your vocabulary
– get instant corrections from native tutor
– practice in a small group and friendly atmosphere

–> feel more confident when speaking German!

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